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Finding Hope and Wholeness


Sarah Gregg

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #129700

Are you struggling to manage your anxious thoughts? Having a hard time getting out of bed and feeling down all the time? Do you feel confused about your relationships? Feeling stuck in your life? Or have you experienced trauma? I can help you navigate through these difficulties, developing ways to cope with stressors and learn how to move forward in your life! We'll work together to help you find understanding and hope.


I work with adults and teenagers using a collaborative and eclectic approach based on your personality and needs. Making sure you feel heard and understood is very important to me. Therapy sessions take place online using a HIPAA-compliant system with video-calls for those who live in the Bay Area and throughout the state of California. 


Why Therapy?

Coping Skills

Learn to develop life-long coping skills to handle your emotions and situations more effectively.

Improved Physical Health

Our mind and body are intimately connected. Taking care of your mental health has shown to have positive effects on your physical health as well. 

Better Relationships

Develop an understanding of the patterns you exhibit in your relationships and how to create healthier connections with yourself and the people in your life. 

Healthy Communication Skills

Learn your current patterns of communication and develop a more effective way of communicating your thoughts, feelings, and desires, and improve conflict resolution. 

Increased Hopefulness

Identifying the obstacles that stand between your goals can help you move you closer to feeling hopeful about the future. 

Enhance Mental Health

Work towards alleviating the symptoms of mental health conditions that impact your mind, work and relationships. 

Other Things Therapy Can Help With

Therapy can help you learn to manage your anxiety or depression, deal with a major transition, implement better time management skills, develop effective communication techniques, learn coping skills to deal with stress, learn to manage intrusive thoughts and OCD, develop boundaries with your relationships and time, understand how your childhood impacts your current life, develop goals for yourself, identify obstacles and solutions to your problems, navigate difficult family dynamics, and develop greater self-awareness of your thoughts and feelings. 

Your therapist cannot guarantee specific outcomes or results of the treatment they provide to you. 


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Online Therapy Sessions for Adults

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